March 27, 2013

[joke] Jim DiEugenio proves his case.

Hello everybody,
All of you know that JFK-assassination forums often prove to be places where verbal fights take place instead of healthy debates.
We sometimes see David Von Pein versus James DiEugenio.
David Von Pein often says that James DiEugenio's theories require a conspiracy involving hundreds of conspirators, which is an idea that is ludicrous on its face.
I agree 100% with David Von Pein.
But here, it looks like Jim DiEugenio was right after all. See, he has sent me these pictures which he says prove his case :

Here is a picture of some of the people who were involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK (per DiEugenio) :

Here is a picture of some of the people who were involved in the subsequent cover-up to lure the American people (per DiEugenio) :

Here is a picture of some of the people who have lied to the investigators, and can be considered as accessories after the fact :

Well, I think that settles it. What about you ?

March 21, 2013

[joke] A shot from the front ?

Hello everybody,
While the Warren Commission concluded that President Kennedy was shot from behind, conspiracy theorists have been claiming for decades that he was shot from the front.
I have found a document that proves that conspiracy theorists were right all along.
Indeed, when JFK received a bullet in the throat he was unable to talk (he could not even utter a sound). When he was shot a second time, he fell on Jackie's lap. Unable to talk, at least he could write. Using his own blood, he was able to write something on White House stationary before fainting :

I think that settles the issue for good !

March 9, 2013

Fake pictures

Hello everybody,
As you all know, there are heated debates on some forums about so-called "fake pictures". Some researchers claim that some (or all) pictures are fakes, or altered, while others say they are authentic. The debate rages even among conspiracy believers. It is almost a fight.
Was "the man in the doorway" Lee Oswald, as Ralph Cinque and Jim Fetzer claim ? Or was he Billy Lovelady, as the rest of the researchers (conspiracy believers and Warren-Commission defenders alike) believe ?
It's not for me to say, here. I won't join the debate. I am not taking sides, at least not today.
This morning, I only want to have fun. It's good to have fun, from time to time, isn't it ?
So here are my own fake pictures :