April 12, 2013

The acoustic evidence : confirmation of the official version (again)

Hello everybody,
You have all heard of the acoustic evidence debate. To put it simply, conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the Dallas Police Department radio recordings show that there had been four shots fired in Dealey Plaza (four impulses heard = four shots = two shooters = a conspiracy), while Warren Commision defenders say that the impulses heard on the tapes are not shots, and therefore prove nothing.
This blog has a short article that presents a Charles Rader interview which prove conspiracy theorists are wrong.
There's more.
A few days ago Steve Barber (yes, the famous Steve Barber !) started a new thread by writing a post on the JFK Assassination Forum. It is a very interesting post, that I recommend everybody to read.
You've got to listen to his audio clip.
Let me quote a very important sentence written by Steve Barber in that thread :
"... That the Decker crosstalk is authentic, it is "true crosstalk", and that the Ramsey panel has it right."
Well, in essence that's what I had written in my book. That's what all the Oswald-was-guilty researchers (from Gerald Posner to David Von Pein) have been saying for years.
In other words, Robert Groden is wrong, 100% wrong. (Or he is voluntarily lying, which would be even worse). Any "researcher" that would dare keep talking about the so-called "acoustic evidence" would be either ignorant, or a liar (or both ?)
For sure, conspiracy theorists have lost that battle. Come to think of it, so far they have lost all of them.