September 28, 2013

Oswald on the steps ?

Hello everybody,

For a few weeks some JFK-assassination forums have been inundated with hundreds of posts piling up on threads about a new conspiracy theory.
Looking at a shadowy figure in a blurry picture, some fringe conspiracy theorists claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository building at the time of the shooting, thus "proving" his innocence.
That's funny, really.
Last year Ralph Cinque and his friends told us that Billy Lovelady (the man we see on the famous Altgens picture), a man on the steps of the TSBD, was not really Billy Lovelady but was, in fact, none other than Lee Harvey Oswald.
OK, why not ?
But now, a Sean Murphy and some of his followers tell us that a shadowy figure whom they call "Prayer man", a man on the steps of the TSBD, is, in fact, none other than Lee Harvey Oswald.
So, if we are to believe them, there were two Oswalds, on the steps, at the very same time, side by side.
Lee Harvey Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald, together, watching the motorcade...

Fascinating, indeed !

Can you imagine Lee Oswald, in custody at the Dallas Police Headquarters, telling the reporters in the hall :
"No, they've taken me in because of the fact that I was on the steps with another myself. I'm just two patsies."

Conspiracy theorists will never ceaze to amaze me !

But please, don't laugh, or a nobody called Colin Crow may be angry at you...

September 23, 2013

[joke] Proof of conspiracy, at last !

Fifty years !
Yes, we had to wait fifty years....
Until now, nobody had been able to prove with any kind of certainty that there had been a conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy.
Not even David Lifton.
Not even James DiEugenio.
Not even Robert Groden.
An the public was beginning to think that maybe, yes, maybe the Warren commission, Gerald Posner and David Von Pein were right, after all.
If no evidence had been found yet to show Oswald's innocence, it probably indicated that he must have been guilty.
-> And then he came, the great, great researcher, the one and only, the hero who found the proof !
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he found the ultimate proof.
Proof that Oswald did not shoot anyone that day.
Proof of conspiracy.
His name is Sean Murphy.
Fifty years after the event, at last, we now know the truth, thanks to him.

And here is the proof :

This very CLEAR picture shows Lee Harvey Oswald (and no one else in the whole universe) on the steps of the School Book Depository at the time of the shooting.
Who would dare say they don't recognize Lee Oswald ?
It's him, beyond any doubt.
No, he did not kill Kennedy.
Thank you so much, Mister Murphy.