July 24, 2013

Another book that won't change a thing...

Hello everybody,
I was visiting The Education Forum and discovered a new thread, started by none other than John Simkin, and titled : "Joseph McBride, Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippit (2013)" [link to that thread]
The thread is about a new book, by researcher Joseph McBride [link to the Amazon page], which allows its author to add his name to the seemingly never-ending list of people who staunchly refuse the historical truth and prefer to theorize, theorize .. and theorize.
The forum thread is still short, but in it I was able to read that Joseph McBride claims :
  • Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent in the Tippit shooting
  • Two, three, and possibly four men were involved in the Tippit murder (but not Oswald)
  • Lee Oswald was in the second-floor lunchroom at the time of the Kennedy shooting
  • Mary Ferrell was a disinformation agent (a "gatekeeper", a person delegated by the US government)
My God ! As Vincent Bugliosi would say : "These conspiracy theorists, have they no shame ?"
So, in other words, according to McBride, Oswald did not do anything wrong that day, and the evidence was altered.
. . .
I'm tired. Really tired.
. . .
I was glad to see David Von Pein inject common sense and critical-thinking arguments into the thread.
Of course, McBride is wrong, utterly wrong.
Nonetheless I guess I'll do what I always do : I'll order his book, read it and add it to my collection.
As I have always done, I'll give the author a chance to prove his case. But as always, I bet he won't be able to !