July 6, 2012

Doctor Ronald Jones's answers to my questions, in 1997

Hello everybody,
In 1997, as part of my research into the Kennedy assassination case, I sent to Doctor Ronald Jones the very same letter that I had sent to Doctor Perry, asking him questions about the medical evidence. He too obligingly replied.
I am hereby copying/pasting Doctor Jones's answers.
I think it is interesting.
I will only upload some extracts of Doctor Jones's letter, as the rest does not provide any really useful information.
I have to say that though I received several replies, some doctors did not reply, which I found unfortunate. One of them even wrote to me to tell me that he did not have the time to write !!! (what a joke !). I won't show his letter here, of course. In fact, I shall not upload any more such documents, as I do not think a blog is really adequate for such uploads. A regular web site would be a better place.
Anyway, I hope visitors of my blog will find some interest in this document.

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