October 26, 2012

[parody] Proof of conspiracy...

Hello everybody,
As you all know, some conspiracy theorists pretend they can see signs of foul play in some of the images that we have about the Dealey Plaza events. Some pretend to see a so-called "black-dog man", some a "badgeman" : nothing more than blur and shadows.
Recently, fringe conspiracy theorists have claimed that it was Lee Harvey Oswald, and not Billy Nolan Lovelady, who was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository. That's ludicrous, if you ask me. It has been proven beyond any doubt that it was Billy Lovelady (and he himself acknowledged it, as well as his colleagues). To reach such a false conclusion, those fringe conspiracy theorists pretend that the pictures were faked (especially Altgens's fifth photograph).
Among those "researchers" are Ralph Cinque and Richard Hooke, who have showed that they are incompetent, worthless at analyzing pictures.
Working with low-resolution images, they see things that don't exist. They take their own dreams for granted. They misinterpret everything. Such a shame !
Anyway, I'll hereby show that anybody can do what they do. I'll hereby show that what they do is easy but leads nowhere. I'll hereby do the same as they do.
Here is my own Cinque-style "research", to "prove" a conspiracy :

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