January 6, 2013

Pierre Salinger (3)

Hello everybody,
I have uploaded a third and last excerpt of my 1993 interview of Pierre Salinger.
In this short audio file Pierre Salinger tells us about the Vietnam war and Lyndon Johnson.
I know fringe conspiracy theorists such as Robert Morrow won't like to hear that audio file. They think that there was a conspiracy and Johnson was in on it. They are wrong !
I really enjoyed meeting Pierre Salinger, who was a very nice person. In that excerpt you can hear my voice, asking the questions. It's clear that I am impressed and in awe, speaking very quietly.
Pierre Salinger taught me a lot. He was very close to John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Jackie Kennedy. He lived with them for years. His opinion : no conspiracy.
Neither David Lifton nor Robert Morrow ever met any of those people. And they claim they know better ? They should be ashamed of themselves !
(Again, I'm sorry for the bad quality : there's too much noise.)
Hope you'll like it.

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