September 22, 2012

The final word on the so-called "acoustic evidence"

Hello everybody,
Today I can't resist the pleasure of sharing with you a very good, interesting, informative documentary on the so-called "acoustic evidence" on the Kennedy assassination.
It is an interview of scientist Charles Rader (on
It should be mandatory viewing for all researchers, be they beginners or experts.
Charles Rader explains everything with clarity, maturity, experience, knowledge, expertise and wisdom, putting to rest for ever any misunderstanding that might have arisen in the past years, leading to farfetched conspiracy theories.
Nobody should allow themselves to say anything about the acoustic evidence without having first watched that short program (and that applies especially to forum members, most of whom, sadly, are appallingly ignorant and make wild accusations based on their total lack of knowledge of the facts).
Please watch :

And if that was not enough, the final nail on the coffin will undoubtedly be put by Dale Myers, who, on his excellent website "Secrets of a homicide", wrote this article : "Epipolar geometric analysis of amateur films related to acoustics evidence in the John F. Kennedy assassination"
Myers proves his point conclusively : the so-called "four shots" never existed.
All of this shows without question, beyond any doubt, that the HSCA's so-called acoustic evidence is invalid.
There were only three shots in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. It is now a certainty.
The conspiracy theorists (and among them Robert Groden, who has never stopped spreading disinformation on that very topic) were wrong.
Let's move on !

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