September 12, 2012

World record of nonsense !

Hello everybody,
You are all aware that there are lots of conspiracy theories flying around when it comes to the JFK assassination. Some of them are, say, farfetched, to say the least.
For quite some time we have had the "two Oswalds" theory (Harvey and Lee), the "two autopsies" theory, the "two Johnsons" theory (Lyndon Johnson's look-alike at the so-called Murchison's party on November 21st, 1963), the "two plots" theory (Chicago before Dallas), and probably others.
But, as the great Vincent Bugliosi said, there is no end to the silliness brought by some conspiracy believers.
Guess what ?
(I hope you are seated)
This morning, while I was surfing on the Internet I stumbled on a message posted on "The Education Forum".
That message was written by a man called D. Josephs (never heard of him, and that's all the better !). He came up with something new : the "two sets of Dealey Plaza tramps" theory !
Oh, my Lord ! I can't stop laughing !
Those guys will never stop. According to them, everything is double !
What will the next theory be ? The "two Jackies" theory ? The "two Dallas" theory ? The "two months of November" theory ?
I can't wait...

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  1. I am torn because I generally don't like to draw humor from feeling superior to others, but this is actually quite funny. Poor David; he seems intelligent, but apparently misguided.


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