June 10, 2012

A debate on French television

Hello everybody,
In November 2010, a French television channel, LCP, invited three people (Pierre Melandri, a historian who specializes in the study of the United States, Thierry Lentz, the author of the book "L’assassinat de JFK: histoire d’un mystère d’Etat", and myself), for the "Où, quand, comment ? L'histoire" history program, whose presenter is journalist Jean-Pierre Gratien. We were there for a debate after viewing the conspiracy-oriented documentary "JFK, autopsie d’un complot" (by William Reymond and Bernard Nicolas).
Below is the video of our courteous exchange.
In the second edition of my book (the new title of which is "Elm Street. The Kennedy assassination explained"), I give my comments about that program, and write all the things I wanted to say but did not have the time to.
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