June 13, 2012

Harold Weisberg's answers to my 1997 inquiry

Hello everybody,
In 1997, as part of my research into the Kennedy assassination complex case, I sent an inquiry to several well-know researchers, asking a lot of precise questions in tabular form with the space needed to answer.
Several researchers were kind enough to reply and write down their answers on my table (or in a separate letter).
I believe some current researchers might be interested in knowing what answers I got at the time by well-known people, some of whom have now departed this world, as it was God's will.
What is interesting is not only the big difference between the answers from defenders of the Warren Commission's conclusions on the one hand and conspiracy theorists on the other hand. That's expected. But what's most interesting is that there are huge differences among conspiracy theorists themselves !
Today, I will start by uploading Harold Weisberg's answers to me. I know I may do that because each and every person whom I sent my inquiry to had to sign it to allow me to quote them. I scanned the table but erased their signatures in the images I will upload, out of respect for them, but I still have the originals and can prove they did sign.
(Though I exchanged letters with quite a lot of researchers in the 1990's I do not intend to upload any of that correspondance, as I feel it is private. However I was surprised to see that some of the letters that Harold Weisberg and I exchanged at the time were now on line at The Harold Weisberg Archive)
A side note : contrary to what "extreme" conspiracy theorists such as Robert Morrow would claim, you'll note that Harold Weisberg was adamant Lyndon Johnson had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination.

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