June 19, 2012

Charles Baxter's answers to my questions, in 1997

Hello everybody,
In 1997, as part of my research into the Kennedy assassination case, I sent to Doctor Charles Baxter the very same letter that I sent to Doctor Perry, asking him questions about the medical evidence. He too obligingly replied.
I am hereby copying/pasting Doctor Baxter's answers.
I think it is interesting.
As Doctor Baxter's writing is very small and a little hard to decipher, I have scanned it into a .jpeg image format, which allows my readers to copy the image and zoom in any sentence on their computer screen.
I like the part where Doctor Baxter writes what he thinks of Dr. Charles Crenshaw's claims, and also what he thinks of David Lifton's work.
I would also like to underline what Baxter says of Gerald Posner. Let me quote : "Posner did a most thorough job. […] Posner is truly a scholar who, to my mind, is the one person who did a thorough job of collecting facts".
Charles Baxter also wrote (I quote) : "As long as there's money to be made, the conspiracy will continue"…
Next time I'll write an article about what can be learned from my documents.

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