June 26, 2012

It's obvious...

Hello everybody,
As I wrote in an earlier post it is time to reflect on the documents I scanned on this blog.
Granted, the fact that I exchanged letters or messages with witnesses or doctors or researchers is by no means special. Other people had done that before me and some experts have worked ten times as much as I have. Gerald Posner, for one, probably conducted more interviews than I could ever dream of. In his life David Lifton certainly met ten times as many witnesses as I would ever dream of meeting. Therefore I should not brag about the few interviews I did of some Parkland doctors. Well, actually, I don't.
I am not here to show off. I know my place.
But I most certainly have interesting things to say.
Tonight I want to stress that, contrary to what people like Len Osanic would like you to think, it is very possible to believe in the official version (Warren - Posner - Oswald-did-it...) with no strings attached, no influence from any side, and with only honesty and the use of common sense.
Let me give you two examples :
1. David Lifton (second-hand report) spent his life writing that Doctor Perry had said that the throat wound was a wound of entrance. And yet when I wrote Doctor Perry he himself (first-hand account) made clear that the throat wound might very well have been a wound of exit, which it was. Lifton has distorted his sources and upon verifying we see that the official version is a very likely possibility, nowhere near the physical impossibility that conspiracy theorists falsely try to paint.
2. Robert Groden (second-hand report) spent his life writing that the medical evidence proves conspiracy. And yet when I wrote Doctor Baxter he himself (first-hand account) made clear that the medical evidence is very compatible with the official version and that the best person to have presented the case is precisely Gerald Posner, a man who defends the Warren commission's version of events (and shows Groden to be wrong).
So an independent researcher conducting independent, rational, unbiased, objective research, will, much to his surprise (in some cases) find out that the information he was fed by conspiracy theorists (second-hand reports) was wrong and distorted.
We, so-called "lone-nutters" don't believe in the official version because we are blind or scared or paid by the CIA, but because when we check first-hand sources we discover that we have always been misinformed by conspiracists, and that the Warren Commission did tell us the truth.
By going straight to the sources, we discover the truth.
It's that easy.
Conspiracy theorists would like us to read only their distortions. But when we go to the source, we can find out the truth.
Yes, folks, the Warren report was right.

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