June 18, 2012

Doctor Perry's answers to my questions, in 1997

Hello everybody,
In 1997 I sent a letter to Doctor Perry, asking him all kinds of questions about the medical evidence in the Kennedy assassination. He was very kind and obligingly replied. He chose to write by hand directly on the letter I had typed to him. (Doctor Perry was a good man. May he rest in Peace !)
Just as I did with some answers to my table that I had gotten from a few researchers in 1997, I am hereby copying/pasting Doctor Perry's answers.
I think it is interesting. Well, for one thing, I like the part when he writes "NO - speculation only", when I asked him whether he had an opinion as to where the shots came from. A far cry from what conspiracy theorists would like us to think...
On top of that, I am amazed that Doctor Perry wrote that he did not know Lifton's claims. Wow ! That was in 1997, a good sixteen years after "Best evidence" had been published. Does that mean that David Lifton never went to see Doctor Perry to show him his book and talk about his theory ? I wonder.
And if that's the case, then, I'm very surprised. Lifton SHOULD have done that. I mean, it was almost mandatory. How could he have a theory based on his interpretation of the medical record and not go and submit it to Doctor Perry ? I sure would like to know what Lifton has to say about that.

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