June 25, 2012

Jack White (1927-2012)

JFK-assassination researcher Jack White passed away on June 18, 2012.
I did not know him personally. I never met him. I didn't know him as a man, only as a Kennedy-assassination researcher.
As a man, he seems to have been a very nice guy. Most people who knew him have nothing but praise for his kindness and his willingness to help those who asked for his opinion or observations regarding some topics of research. He was a generous man.
One thing is also sure : he was famous among the JFK-assassination research community. He was a "big name".
Well, good for him.
And I pray God Almighty welcome him in His Kingdom.
Having said that, sadness for a departing soul should not prevent us from trying to remain objective and truthful.
I am willing to grant that Jack White was a nice man, but as as researcher, it is fair to say that there is good scientific evidence to show that most of his claims were wrong.
I am now reminded of this sentence written by the great David Von Pein (in a reply to conspiracy theorist David Lifton) : "What makes you think that conspiracy authors (such as yourself), who have distorted history and the true facts surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy for decades on end, deserve the SLIGHTEST bit of respect...or deserve to be treated "nice"?"
And today, when a conspiracy theorist leaves us, I wonder how to react. In a way I agree with David Von Pein, and there is no denying that distorting history is bad.
In my book published four years ago I have harsh words for Jack White and his theories. But respect and compassion are in order when a man dies.
Still, I believe it is important to remind the reader that the Zapruder film is genuine. Even conspiracy theorist Robert Groden knows that it is genuine, and NOT fake. Anybody who claims otherwise is wrong, utterly wrong.
Likewise, it is wrong to claim that the Oswald backyard photos were fake, or that we did not go to the moon, or that the 9/11 events were a conspiracy. It goes against all evidence, against science, against common sense, against reality,
With all the respect that I owe Jack White as a human being, and with all the good prayers that I am sending him, I still want to stress that there was no conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination.
Mister Jack White, I guess we'll agree to have disagreed.
Rest in Peace !

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