June 8, 2012

Welcome !

Hello everybody,
Today, Thursday June 8th, 2012, I have decided to create this blog dedicated to the Kennedy assassination, and written in English, for it is mostly aimed at English-speaking people (in the United States, Canada, Australia and England).
At the same time, I have decided, once and for all, to stop posting on newsgroups and forums. That part of my life is over. No more fighting, no more trading insults, for that is only a waste of time.
I have just erased all the messages I had posted on alt.conspiracy.jfk and alt.assassination.jfk in the past months. As for the forums, most of them I had already quit, anyway.
From now on, anything I shall write on the Kennedy assassination in English will be on this blog, and nowhere else. Those who are interested in what I have to say may come to visit this blog and leave comments (pro or con). Those who do not care won't even know about this blog and so will never visit it. That's fine by me.
My goal is to defend facts, reality, common sense, and the truth. I can't stand liars. I am appalled at conspiracy theorists who can do nothing but spread disinformation and mislead people.
I have spent more than twenty years studying the Kennedy assassination. And I have spent the last 14 years writing about it, mostly on the Internet (newsgroups and forums) and in a book (the second edition of which, revised and expanded, is due in a few days). I have learned that there's no debating conspiracy theorists. Some people just can't face the facts. Conspiracy theorists deny reality. They refuse to acknowledge the obvious. They live in a dream world.
After trying all I could, for years, to seriously have healthy debates with some conspiracy researchers, and seeing that it's a dead end, I ended up making fun of them, trying to ridicule them and insult them. While I had fun doing it for a time, it does not lead anywhere either. It's time to grow up and change. Time to become serious again.
I believe the 50th anniversary is a most important event. I really think it is important that I express my opinions during that period of time. Afterward, I believe the Kennedy-assassination case will go into oblivion. Conspiracy theorists, having failed to prove their case, and having been thoroughly debunked, will end up being forgotten.
I, too, will stop spending my time on that case. I will store my books (probably in the form of a donation to a university library), and go on to other topics, never to come back again. That's a promise.
In the meantime, with a serious and mature attitude, I intend to have my say.
Stay tuned...

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